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Do you want more pleasure in your life?

Have you lost touch with your sensual and sexual self?

Are you ready to open up this part of you? 

On your own terms and for your own wellbeing?

Join us for a new course 

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who knows what you may discover!


beyond taboo, shame and shoulds, gently and with no judgement


what pleasure, sensuality and sexuality mean to you as a

wonderfully unique woman


pleasure, sensuality and sexuality into your

whole self


an intimate and pleasure filled relationship

with yourself

(and others if you choose)

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In Touch with Yourself

A guided journey for women who want to reconnect with their pleasure, sensuality, and sexuality, using creative, playful, and empowering personal practices.

Anna Sanson and Jennie Verleg

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The combined wisdom and experience of Anna and Jennie have been exceptional and I know I will continue to revisit the meditations and work books on my own and also with my husband in future. 

Thank you both for everything you have offered in this course.


It has been a life changing investment. 


The combination of grounded, practical, factual information and playful, creative practices was perfect for me. I felt very safe, held and supported throughout the course.

I learned a thing or two about my anatomy and the connection between our creativity and sexuality. I broadened my definition and experience of pleasure, deepened my respect of my body’s cues about what feels good and what doesn’t and the need to honour this and give myself time.


I wish that I had been introduced to some of these practices and information when I was younger as I spent many years thinking there was something wrong with me for having desires or wanting more pleasure in my life.


This course 'allowed' me to explore in such a gentle and inviting way, and really feel more intimately connected to myself.